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If we have never met or have only met once a few years ago, you can book a first session of:


The body speaks. And it does every day through small/big signs that tell us about a disharmony and emotional conflict. Illnesses can be seen as “a call” from our soul, a call to listen deeply to what is happening in us and what we have ignored for a long time, for so many “good reasons”.

Metamedicine deals with researching the root cause of a malaise or disease in the person’s emotional experience 

That’s way is called the medicine of awareness awakening.

DURATION: 1 hour and 30 minutes
COST € 130
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Discovering the soul wounds you carry and becoming aware of the characters you have played and are playing in your life is essential to truly understand what you have experienced in the past and what you are experiencing in your life today:

truly understand what you have experienced in the past and what you are experiencing in your current life
transform your vision of life
begin to co-create the life that is aligned with your true Self.

DURATION 1 hour and a half
COST € 150
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A soulless enterprise, an enterprise that is not aligned with our true Self may be successful, but only partially so.

It may be successful from a financial point of view but not nourishing to our deepest part; we may find ourselves at a point in our life with a nice bank account, but completely drained from a personal point of view. You know when you formally have it all but feel that something is missing?
Or on the contrary, we can follow our passion but it doesn’t bring us the money we need or our value is not recognised.
Hence the proposal of Enterprise with Soul, the union of the two lives, the first as an economist, the second as a liberator of the soul.

With this first session we will :

clarify the situation of your company
get clarity on your starting point and your end point
shed light on the issues that currently limit or hinder the development of your Soul Entrepreneur.
We will put things in order, write a map, plot the course: you will then choose whether to continue on your own using the information you have received or together through a tailor-made path agreed in terms of time/objectives/costs.

DURATION 1 hour and a half
COST € 200
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Special sessions on female, cyclicity/menopause, motherhood


Like an open book, your menstrual cycle or your menopause speaks of the woman you are today. It tells how you are, what you need to improve your quality of life.

If you suffer from menstrual pain, have “fiery” premenstrual periods or a fiery perimenopause, motherhood is challenging you, you have an irregular cycle, you are afraid of menopause, you have the “classic” symptoms of menopause, if you want to get to know yourself and make peace with your feminine, book a session now.

The different symptoms that can appear during a woman’s cyclical life or during the menopause are not “normal”, they have been normalised by explaining to us that they are inevitable or that they are part of the “game”: they are not. Let’s discover together what these symptoms want to communicate to you and restore harmony to your physical, emotional and mental system. With lots of love.

Book the right Reading for you and let yourself be surprised!

DURATION 1 hour 30 minutes
COST € 150
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Childbirth is about us and the way our child comes into the world will be part of your baggage forever. It doesn’t matter whether you gave birth vaginally or by caesarean section, it matters how you experienced it, how you felt, what you carry in your heart. So many times I’ve heard people say “everything went well” just because the birth was vaginal… but it’s clear from the story that there was very little that was “natural”. Whether you gave birth naturally or surgically, whether you had an ecstatic birth or a painful and emotionless one, whether it took place a few months ago or 30 years ago, recounting, sharing, reworking the birth experience can allow you to better integrate this transformative passage in your life and, perhaps, help you to better understand the dynamics of your relationship with your child.

COST € 150
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If you have already had your first session and want to continue, our journey continues through periodic sessions that we schedule together according to your personal needs.


These sessions are reserved for those who have already had a first session and wish to continue the path through individual meetings with schedules and objectives that we establish together.
DURATION 1 hour 30 minutes
COST € 110
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reserved for those who have already worked with me for a long time and need ‘maintenance’ sessions to get back on track and centred in their daily life.
COST: € 80
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COST: € 300
with the pack you acquire priority in bookings
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If you’ve been at war with your body all your life or if it’s been a few years since things changed and you can no longer accept yourself: read here.
It is time to lay down your arms, it is time for peace, harmony, rediscovery, acceptance and transformation, including physical transformation.
Why do we wage war on our bodies? Why do we always find it so imperfect, wrong, ugly, unpleasant…sometimes horrible?
What if you could finally lay down your weapons and come to have a harmonious relationship with your body? I assure you that at that point your body would also take a harmonious form! Because the body is nothing but a mirror of what is going on inside: if there is war inside, war between the soul and the personality, war over everything you have learnt and believed about yourself, war over the history of the women in your family, the body manifests it. Sagging skin, disharmonious shapes, ‘unwarranted’ weight gain or loss, and much more.
If you want to regain the integrity of the woman you are, the peace and security of a woman who is comfortable in her body, this course is for you.
Duration: 5 meetings
Cost: €550
Down payment €250

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